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Lucy Walton

Illustrator and Printmaker from the midlands.

Hi, I’m Lucy. I am an illustrator, printmaker, and researcher from the West Midlands, whose illustrations are an attempt to explore the relation that people have with the tangible natural world and the myths that it inspires. My work uses a multimodal approach, with lines given equal importance to the shape and texture of a piece. Limited, often warm toned palettes expand on the dreamlike feel my pieces have, by blurring the edge between traditional and digital illustration. 

I mostly create one off illustrations or sequential narratives, but my work has been applied in a variety of contexts.





2019 - 2022 Plymouth College of Art, BA Illustration 


Exhibitions & Festivals

2019 - Tate Exchange, Tate Modern.

2022 - New Designers, London.


2020 - Art as Environment: Installation sculpture and the narratives they build.

2022 - An analysis of the role of printmaking in societal change.


2022 - To what extent do today’s Commons enrich public life: A critical exploration of Milford Common through participatory art and performative methods.

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