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Research and writing

‘An analysis of the role of printmaking in societal change’

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An essay that explores printmaking’s history in relation to events in history that altered it, both for better and worst. 

Topics include; the benefit of widely available reading material on the lives of working classes in two societies, printed propaganda and anti war art, and how print was an often reached for tool in early feminist movements.

6586 words


‘Visit Tyneham’

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‘Visit Tyneham’ is a illustrated research project that explores personal genealogy and the British government’s involvement in a small rural community during the Second World War. 

24 page Artist’s book


‘Art as environment: How does installation art tell stories and create experiences?’

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Installation art, and the interactive nature of art that invites the viewer to cross the threshold, has been a personal research for years. This paper explores examples of the work of three artists who made multi sensory experiences.


Paul Thek and themes of identity, value and taste within sculpture.

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Paul Thek, an artist active through the 60s to 80s, is one of the most interesting multi disciplinary artists of the 20th century. This short article explores his sculptures, one of the best known and documented areas of his practice, and the effect that American politics had on his work.

On this page you can find my previous research based projects. From essays and articles to illustration projects informed by more context, these projects can be downloaded and read here.

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